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experienced riders

Most experienced riders come to us for a specific reason - either to pass exams or re-gain confidence. Whatever their reason for starting lessons, they soon come to realise the benefit of being able to perfect their knowledge and riding on safe and sensible schoolmasters.


Riding is a life-long journey of discovery and our horses are great at teaching riders new skills and giving them a deeper understanding of how to get the best from them. It is also very valuable to experience different kinds of horses - each one has something unique to give.


mary and sue arena3.JPG

Even highly experienced riders who have their own horses can find that they have gaps in their knowledge, or can come up against a challenge that they can't figure out. Or, sometimes, it's just that they need "eyes on the ground" to give them feedback and corrections.

Whatever their motivation, we take them wherever they want to go, helping them to achieve their goals and become fully rounded and skilful riders.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have a weight limit for all riders dependent on their height and level of experience.  View it here.

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