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novice riders

Learning to ride, like any skill, takes practice, dedication and hard-work. However, with the right horse and instruction, it is great fun. Riders here at CFH have the added advantage of being taught one-to-one, so progress is both at your own pace, but also quick, particularly in the early stages.


All beginners and novices have 30 minute lessons and we take them through our "grades" to ensure they have a thorough grounding, which will set them up well for whatever direction they want to go in with their riding.




Our horses are sensible and calm, which enables riders to concentrate on putting their learning into practice, rather than worrying about what the horse might do. Being living creatures, they are not 100% predictable, of course, but our horses are as safe as possible and great confidence-givers.


We have a wide range of sizes and types, so we are able to take riders from age 4 upwards and always have the next level of horse or pony for our riders to progress to.


As much as practical, lessons are private, with only you and the instructor in the school. However, there are times (due to weather or level of rider) where two lessons will take place in the indoor school at the same time. Learning to ride around other riders is an essential skill and so, we use these times to develop your riding further.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have a weight limit for all riders dependent on their height and level of experience.  View it here.

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