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intermediate riders

Anyone who has learnt to ride elsewhere will be assessed in their first lesson and rated according to our Grading System.  Our aim with these riders is to ensure that any gaps in their fundamental knowledge and understanding are filled before moving on to complete our higher grades. We also pay close attention to ensuring that their position, suppleness, balance, and feel are fully developed. Lessons on the lunge may be included to help progress. They are also taught how to get the best from the horses they are riding by using a wide range of exercises and movements.



Our horses are well-educated and responsive – although not over sharp.  Those used for jumping are experienced, knowledgeable and confidence-giving.  While they are by no means "push-button ponies", they are sensible and forgiving, so riders can improve their skills, confident that if they get it wrong at the beginning, the horses won’t get agitated or upset.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have a weight limit for all riders dependent on their height and level of experience.  View it here.


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