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Confidence Coaching

Most riders suffer from a loss of confidence at some point in their lives.


This can be due to an accident or incident, or as a knock-on from challenges in other parts of their lives. Some people have performance anxiety, or when doing specific things like jumping, hacking or riding in the open.


The effects can be minor or major. Sometimes, it's just underlying tension, especially if the rider is being watched, but it can get to the point where riders have to psyche themselves up to even get on board.


"What if"s are common, as is over thinking, and rides can soon become more stress than pleasure. If left unaddressed, anxieties can get so bad that the rider starts to find excuses not to ride, only to beat themselves up for being "stupid" or "wussy".


Traditional methods of dealing with fears and anxieties tend to be exposure therapy where the sufferer is either expected to “feel the fear and do it anyway” or gradually build up their confidence in tiny steps.



Confidence Coaching offers a different approach. By getting to the roots of what is causing the anxiety, it can be overcome in a much quicker and long-lasting way.



You get to understand where the anxieties are coming from,  what their purpose is and how to retrain your mind to see things differently, so that you can regain your self-belief and enjoyment.



Mary Stitson has nearly 30 years' experience of training and coaching horses and riders of all levels and she combines this knowledge with NLP and Sports Psychology to help you overcome whatever issues you are facing. Her approach is gentle, supportive and encouraging, enabling you to relax, knowing that you'll never have to do something you're not comfortable with.


Confidence Coaching is offered in one-to-one sessions, evening courses and weekends where you can bring your own horse or use one of ours.



If you'd like to know more, contact us here



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