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Work experience

We accept students year-round on work placements – from high school, college and/or university.


Timings and days vary, depending on the level of student, but as an example, high school students would attend from 9.00am until 4.00pm.


We offer genuine, hands-on experience under the supervision of our professional grooms and you get to carry out pretty much all the same jobs that they do.


Because you will be experiencing working as a professional groom, for health and safety reasons, we are only able to accept people who have previous experience with horses. This doesn’t need to be of a particularly high level but anyone coming on work experience must confident around horses and be able to handle them safely.


Placements may be for a week or two or spread out over an academic year (for Equine College Students)


Demand during July is particularly high so if you are looking for work experience during this month, please apply early as we can only accept 2 people at a time.


If you are interested in work experience, please contact us here

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