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BHS pathway

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What the BHS says about the Pathway:


"Whether you want to gain professional, industry recognised qualifications to spring-board your equine career or you simply want to learn more about horses and improve your skills for personal achievement there’s a pathway for you.

Our world-leading BHS Equine Excellence Pathway offers you the opportunity to progress your career with horses and learn practical, real-world skills within a structured platform. As part of your journey we’re here to guide, advise and support you through every stage of your development towards getting equine jobs and equine careers in the future.

If you are not working towards a career with horses, and simply want to develop your knowledge and skills or improve your confidence, our Challenge Awards are for you. Learn all about horse care, lungeing and riding from the basics through to more advanced techniques."

Training and assessments

As a BHS Approved Training Centre, we are able to offer training and Skills Record Assessments for the BHS "Stages" qualifications up to and including Stage 3.


We offer The Silver Award in Riding Out which is the equivalent of the old Ride Safe Qualification and both the Progressive Riding Tests and the Silver Awards in Horse Care and Riding which are the equivalent of the Stage 1

We are also a BHS Assessment Centre for Stages 1 - 3.

All our BHS Training is conducted by Mary Stitson (BHS Stage 4 Coach and Stage 5 Stable Manager).  And Carys Clark (BHS Stage 3 Coach)


After an initial assessment, they will discuss with you a plan of action to get you up to standard in Horse Care, Lunging, Riding or Instruction.


In addition, we have a wide range of horses who are true schoolmasters and, whilst they are by no means "push button", they will give you confidence and the skills you need, not only to pass your BHS Assessment but be a versatile and proficient rider. 


With the recent changes in the BHS Qualifications System, there is now a requirement for certain elements of the "Stages" to be assessed by an Approved Coach prior to the main assessment day. This is called the "Skills Record". When you book in for your exam, you will be issued with a booklet that has to be signed off by an Approved Coach. (See Below)

ASSESSMENT dates 2022

Thursday 27th January                   Stage 1 Ride & Care

Monday 21st February                    Stage 2 Ride, Care, Lunge

Thursday 3rd March                       Stage 1 Ride & Care


Thursday 31st March                      Stage 3 Flat, Care, Lunge


Monday 25th April                          Stage 2 Ride, Care, Lunge


Wednesday 1st June                        Stage 2 Coaching


Monday 18th July                            Stage 3 Flat, Care, Lunge


Thursday 1st September                 Stage 2 Coaching

Monday 24th October                    Stage 2 Ride, Care, Lunge



For Stage 1 bookings - click here


All others need to be booked directly with the BHS



As mentioned above, all BHS Stages have elements which have to be signed off by an Approved Coach before the main assessment day.  If the skills record is not signed off, the qualification will not be awarded until it is - even if the main assessment is passed.


We offer assessments on a one to one basis.  Please get in touch if you'd like to book in.

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