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18.0hh Full Shire! 

If ever you thought shires were just for driving, think again! Bess works at Novice Level Dressage and Jumps 1m with ease! She has 3 balanced, rhythmic paces, and her canter is like sitting in an arm chair.

She has a lovely, calm nature and is just as happy with beginners and experienced riders alike.


15.0hh Cob 

Annie is an RDA horse but will happily turn her hand to anything. She works at Prelim level dressage and loves jumping. She's steady and reliable for beginners and those lacking confidence but will light up for more experienced riders and is especially good at teaching lateral work!


Cobs certainly can!


14.0hh Cob 

Cloud is one of our Blue Cross ponies. She was rescued 5 years ago from horrible conditions having had several foals. We had her from the Blue Cross lightly handled and have brought her on from scratch to become one of our most loved ponies.


She's forward-going, willing and always eager to please. She works at Prelim Level and loves jumping - the bigger the better!


She is available for the more advanced riders.


14.1hh Cob 

Saxon is a talented pony who is working at Novice Level and will happily jump 1m! He has very good paces and works easily into a outline. He's safe and sensible but is reserved for riders wanting to move up to the next level.


17.3hh Shire x 

Harry is an impressive horse who can certainly produce the "wow" in his work. He can be a bit lazy but once he's going, his paces are exceptional and he'll happily work at Elementary Level.


His real love, however, is jumping and he's great for teaching people to jump bigger fences as the bigger they are, the better he likes it!


17.3hh Full Shire

Molly is another of our RDA horses and is an excellent confidence-giver. She can be lazy but is 100% reliable and is especially good at teaching people to jump.


She hides her talents, though! And for experienced riders, she can be found doing all the lateral movements and is good at "half steps" which are the preparation for piaffe!

Jumping-wise, she is a machine and like most of our horses, the bigger the fences, the more she likes it!


16.2hh Warmblood

Tia is one of our most popular horses and very versatile. She is equally happy working on the flat or jumping and gives a good feel for both.


She is confidence-giving, especially jumping, and really looks after her riders, happily taking them over bigger fences up to 1m.


She is 100% reliable in all circumstances and a true school mistress.


17.2hh Appaloosa x Andalusian


Morse is super-talented. Before he came to us, he evented and jumping remains his passion. He's an advanced ride and is currently jumping upto 1.2 m.


On the flat, he's working at Elementary, progressing towards Medium and has a trot to die for! 


15.2hh Lucitano


Pixy is trained to Medium Level, with excellent lateral work, including half-pass. She is responsive and pleasantly forward-going with light, easy paces.

She is reserved for more advanced riders looking to further their skills and knowledge but is also confidence giving and good for people who may struggle physically with big-moving horses.


15.0hh Cob


Sherrie is one of our longest residents and is the ultimate school horse. She does RDA, beginners and improvers and is especially good at teaching people to canter.


She is pleasantly forward-going, 100% reliable and confidence-giving. She isn't a push-over, though and likes to teach her riders to steer with their legs correctly, rather than the reins. If they do it wrong, she'll take them into the middle of the school and stand with the instructor!

But when they get it right, she's a dream.


13.3hh Cob


Misty is the second of our Blue Cross ponies and has been with us for 10 years. Like Sherrie, she is a fantastic school horse who also excels at teaching people to canter.


She is willing and responsive and loves polework and jumping. She'll also happily work in an outline and does good Prelim test.


13.2hh Cob


Patch is another of our super-star horses and all things to all people! He's steady and reliable for beginners, patient with the improvers and for the more advanced riders, he'll pop round a course of jumps up to 90cm like a pro!


He is adored by all his riders... and us!


15.3hh Irish Sport Horse


Ziggy is responsive, forward-going and progressing to Novice Level Dressage. He's a lovely, light ride who wants to please. He's great for people moving up a level but who might not yet be ready for Morse or Cassian.


Jump-wise, he's reserved for experienced riders and is forward and confident and gives them an excellent feel.

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