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Future grooms

Riding Schools have a long-established tradition of training the grooms of the future. In the “bad” old days, children as young as 8 might work on the yard all day at weekends in the hope of maybe getting a free ride. Historically, health and safety, not to mention close supervision, were often missing.


Times have moved on and we are no longer offer such young children the opportunity to learn on the job. However, we are able to give a similar chance to those aged 14 years and upwards on our Future Grooms training programme.


Unlike the old system, this programme offers fully-supervised work experience with training in both horse care and riding. We have considered making a nominal charge for it but we have decided that we want to give dedicated young people the opportunity to access it for free.


The scheme runs on Saturdays from 9.00am until 5.00pm and enrolment for new participants is from September each year. Competition for places is high and so, during the summer months, we invite potential participants to come for a trial week where they are assessed and given training. 3 people per year are then chosen to take part in the scheme, with a waiting list for others.


Participants are expected to attend every Saturday, including during school holidays, but they can book days off as an when needed. However, if they fall below an 80% attendance rate, their place will be reviewed and potentially given to someone on the waiting list. However, those taking GCSEs and/or A-levels may opt out for a few weeks or reduce their hours of attendance during mocks or exam time.


They are expected to carry out all the usual yard duties and will be given training and on the job to gradually get up to professional standards. We do not require them to have a lot of experience with horses, but we do need them to be confident around them, dedicated and willing to learn.




If you would like to be considered for the waiting list, please download our application form and we will be in touch to arrange a trial week.

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