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These are taken by Mary Stitson BHSII/SM, Stage 4 Coach, and are aimed primarily at riders with their own horses. However, we do offer them to riders on the school horses, subject to a riding assessment first.

Each month, we offer a different subject for the clinic, including Cross Country Schooling during the summer. Mary's style of teaching is friendly and supportive, with the emphasis on building confidence and knowledge, so that riders feel able to carry on the work by themselves at home. Please scroll down to find out more about the different clinics.

For current dates, please visit our Facebook page.


prices (45 mins) :

To book, please call the office on 01782 505664

Private session

Shared (friends only)


£20.00 each


Polework can be used to improve both flatwork and jumping in horses of all ages and abilities.


It promotes straightness, suppleness, balance and rhythm, whilst also improving strength and confidence. (As well as making schooling more fun and enjoyable for both horse and rider!)

In these clinics, Mary will take you through progressive and interesting pole variations aimed specifically on the areas you want to improve, pitched at whatever level suits you best. All ages and experience levels of horse and rider welcome!

polework clinic


jumping clinic

Our jumping clinics are designed to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to continue the improvements made in the sessions by yourself.


Whether you are looking to gain confidence, improve your competition scores or just enjoy jumping for its own benefits, Mary will help you to achieve your aims and ambitions.


Sessions are fun and relaxed, and the emphasis is on understanding the mechanics of jumping and how to get the very best from your horse.



Good flatwork is the basis for all aspects of riding, and in these clinics, Mary will give you the knowledge and skills to progress your horse, in whatever discipline you choose.


Her knowledge of horse training has been gained from 30 years as a trainer and coach, and her experience with all breeds and types of horse is extensive.


She is trained to Grand Prix level and is working at Medium level with her current horse.


She is classically trained and her ethos is to create a willing and harmonious partnership between horse and rider, based on proven, classical training methods.

Despite her level of experience (or perhaps because of it) she is happy to teach any age or ability with the emphasis on encouraging riders to be able to school their own horses with confidence.

flatwork clinic

cross country

cross country clinic

These clinics are aimed at those wanting to start riding Cross Country.


Our schooling field has small, encouraging fences to enable you to gain the confidence you need to progress further.

Mary will give you the skills and knowledge you need to be safe and in control and to really enjoy riding and jumping in the open.

As with all our clinics, all ages and abilities are welcome.

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