Leg up scheme

The new standards for the BHS Stages require all candidates to be signed off by an Approved Coach on certain skills prior to taking their main assessment.


Gaining professional qualifications in any sphere can be an expensive business and in an industry like ours, where traditionally, wages have been low, it can be doubly difficult. That said, we believe passionately in the value of training and that a well-qualified and experienced work force is important not only for business but the welfare of the horses we work with.


That’s why we are happy to offer our “leg up” scheme. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons through July and August, we are offering discounted training and assessments for the BHS Stages.


All training and assessments are with Mary who is a Stage 4 Coach and Stage 5 Stable Manager. Her approach is friendly and supportive, so assessments don’t need to be too stressful!


Assessments for the Skills Record are with a maximum of 2 people for horse care & lunging and a maximum of 3 people for riding. Often they will be one to one, depending on demand.


If you are unsure whether you are up to standard, you can book a training session and if Mary feels you are already up to standard, your Skills Record can be signed off without having to book a specific assessment session.


For the horse care assessments, you only need to be seen once, however, please note that lunging and riding needs to be twice (with 2 different horses) This can be booked for the same day or different days.


As with all our services, we take payment on booking and require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.


If you are interested in finding out more you can message us here.